@brentsimmons My microcast is on hold at the moment while my voice recovers but it’s here.

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@brentsimmons I used to... but happy to hear your thoughts nonetheless!

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@brentsimmons I host Worst Case Scenario with two other devs here in the west of Ireland. We’re going to start having guests soon if you ever fancied it.

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@brentsimmons Mine is Eat This Podcast. It isn’t about food. It uses food to talk about other things like, most recently, deregulation and cheapness.

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Who on Micro.blog has a podcast? I’ve love to listen. I’ll even gather and post a list.

I’ll start with mine: The Omni Show.

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@brentsimmons I co-host a podcast called Sam and Ross Like Things. It's pretty much what it says on the tin. 😊

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@brentsimmons I do not call mine a podcast, but I do have “audio bits" that I post to my site from time-to-time.

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